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Inspired By London

In Budo, it is commonly understood that sincerity, Kokoro or Spirit is the highest human virtue for practice. Beyond skill beyond smarts even beyond mastery, sincerity stands on its own as the pinnacle of human virtues within the martial arts path. The word Shoshin means beginners mind but here again, the Shin part of the word means spirit and not mind in its western sense. The term Shoshin is commonly used in relation to correct training path and life path for that matter and is to my senses pretty much the same as sincerity. I believe it was during the question and...

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Burton 2018

In the 30 years I have been practicing Aikido, I have attended approximately 8 seminars a year.  When I started everything was shiny and new, every teacher more wonderful than the last, every lesson full of new things to try and workout. At that time Aikido was so enjoyable there was  an adrenalin rush in every technique so it is hard to tell when things change. You always have your favourite teachers , favourite people to train with and you tend to have a fixed idea of how things should be done and anything out with this  is unacceptable...

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